Why Believe Us?

World Travel 03Churchill and Turen Ltd. is a vacation-planning firm that is entirely devoted to “The Vacations in Your Life that Truly Matter.” We are currently celebrating our 25th year in business. Our telephone numbers are all unlisted and new clients are accepted exclusively by personal referral from our current clients or from readers referred to us in the pages of the world’s leading travel publications. Everyone at Churchill and Turen is committed to providing visitors to this site with hard-hitting, unbiased travel reporting and ratings. Our commitment to travel consumerism is real and one of the ways that we demonstrate that commitment is by refusing to accept advertising or promotional support for this site. Although we remain devoted to servicing the needs of our clients, we are also willing to help any serious travel consumer with questions regarding the relative merits of travel products.

In our current environment, the travel consumer is bombarded by misinformation and outright lies on a daily basis. Bait-and-switch “from $499” ads are the rule – not the exception. A half-inch is defined as “extra legroom” and a moldy hot tub may be a “luxurious spa”. Google virtually any travel-related topic, from hotel properties to destinations and you are smothered in a sea of tens of thousands, perhaps millions of ads disguised as information. No one seems willing to help. Everyone wants your credit card number. We hope that beta.traveltruth.com is just the first step toward changing that perception.

Do we have an exclusive on the “truth” about travel? Of course not. But we do have the ability to tell-it-like-it-is based on our unique experiences as travel writers, travel consultants, and travel suppliers. And we speak from a position of strength with a loyal cadre of discriminating clients nationwide who keep us fully booked. Finally – we have no advertisers – by design. We answer to no one. That is why we are free to just tell you the truth about travel.

Angela Turen is one of the nation’s most honored travel consultants. In 2012, she, once again,  won multiple awards from the most prestigious consumer travel publication, Conde Nast Traveler. She was named “World’s Top Honeymoon Specialist” as well as “World’s Top Spa Specialist” by the Editors at Conde Nast. Since it is “statistically harder to make the Conde Nast list then it is to gain entrance to Harvard,” multiple listings is a major achievement.

Angela handled travel arrangements for the television series “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” She was a Tour Manager at Abercrombie and Kent, the fabled luxury tour operator. Angela has traveled the world as an international tour escort. Angela has clients throughout the United States including many in the arts and entertainment fields. She is a strong believer in the rights of consumers to know both the up side and the down side of all vacation options.  She is nationally recognized as a family vacation planning specialist Angela has won Top Producer awards from travel firms such as Tauck World Discovery, Celebrity Cruises, and Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Richard Turen has won more “World’s Best” Awards than any other travel consultant in the United States. In 2010, he was named “World’s Best Travel Generalist”, “World’s Best Small Luxury Cruise Ship Specialists” and “World’s Best Culinary Specialist.” by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Travel + Leisure Magazine named him one of “The World’s Top Ten Bespoke Vacation Planners”. In 2012, Richard became the first, and only, travel consultant in the United States to be named “World’s Top River Cruise Specialist” by the Editors of Conde Nast Traveler.

Richard enjoyed a career as an executive with Princess Cruises during the “Love Boat” years. He appears frequently on talk radio and hosted the cable television talk show “Timbuktu and Points Beyond” for thirteen years. For ten years he wrote a popular syndicated column dealing with consumer travel issues for Copley Newspapers. He is Contributing Editor at Travel Weekly Magazine, the travel industry’s most influential publication. He has been a dedicated advocate of consumer travel education. He is the author of three books, “Turen on Travel” and “Turen on Restaurants and his latest book “Reality Checks: What the Travel Ads Don’t Tell You.” ”.He has appeared on CNN, ABC, and NBC News.

Although all Churchill and Turen Ltd. clients deal personally with Angela or Richard Turen, the firm’s Concierge staff is unusually well qualified. When Travel + Leisure Magazine compiled a list of the world’s Top Travel Planners. Only two travel agencies, Bill Fisher Travel in New York, and Churchill and Turen Ltd. made the list. C&T was cited for its excellence in providing “bespoke” custom travel arrangements for a roster of discriminating clients.

Churchill and Turen Ltd. has been profiled in The New York Times in an article that hailed it’s dedication to upscale niche vacation planning. The article pointed out that Churchill and Turen was thriving while many so-called “full service” travel agencies were floundering. The firm’s expertise has been cited in the pages of USA Today, Consumer Reports, The Washington Post, Forbes, and Smart Money Magazine.

The firm recently achieved a “perfect” score from the Chicago area consumer magazine “Chicago Checkbook”.

Traveltruth.com was never launched as a vehicle to produce thousands of new clients via the internet. It is, instead, a continuation of the consumer approach to travel that has been the company’s hallmark for the past eighteen years. In a profile of the business written more than a decade ago, Travel Weekly Magazine wrote that “truth in travel is clearly the motto at Churchill and Turen Ltd.”  The truth is that we do not solicit those who enjoy a current relationship with a travel agent.  We believe in the principles of loyalty and trust. We do not wish to take away business from other professionals. In fact, we do not take on large numbers of new clients. Our telephone numbers are unlisted to the general public. We have decided to list our telephone number on this site and it is available to the readers of Conde Nast Traveler and those who come to us via the personal referral of an existing client.

This site was first conceived when one of our writers was researching an upcoming article for a magazine. She tried to find honest rankings of the various cruise lines on the internet. She wanted to find out which airlines had the best safety records. The information did not exist.

Now it does.